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My Team Performance Exchange

Take your team performance to a next level with this online tool.

Be the inspirational manager by sharing all types of footage with your team of players, trainers, coaches or other colleagues.

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Create your own team of users and place them into groups for easy management and sharing of footage.


Any common type of file can be shared by you to inform and inspire your team. Uploaded videos will be converted into 3 formats for HLS Adaptive Bitrate Streaming.

Comments and Discussions

Sharing becomes interactive by discussing your footage with your team.


The messages you send to your team can be read both on the website and in their e-mail inbox.


Synchronise your calendar and keep track of both your personal and team planning.


Never miss any interaction and be able to correspond instantly with your team.


Gather the team’s opinion by creating advanced questionnaires.


Keep track of commitments and progress with personal team member portfolios.


Numeric values of team members are easy to compare and to import or export as data.


One simple overview to keep track of all your team activities.


Get details on system usage from your entire team or a specific user.

Multiple languages

MyTPE is currently available in: Dutch, English, German, French, Polish, Brazilian, Spanish, Irish, Japanese and Turkish.

Athlete Management System

MyTPE can also be set up as an Athlete Management System. Learn more here.


Your information is secured online. Check MyTPE Security here.

Browser support

MyTPE is tested on a variety of browsers. Check the overview here.

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My Team Performance Analyser

Be the well informed manager who is always one step ahead!

With this online tool you can analyse your videos with the modern technologies available today, anytime and anywhere.

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Uploading movies

Simply upload your mp4 and mov videos by dragging them to MyTPA. Once the upload is finished the file will be converted into 3 formats for HLS Adaptive Bitrate Streaming.

Managing projects

Manage your projects and playlists with this module and share them with other MyTPA users.

Highlight schemes

Start highlighting your project right away by choosing names, colours, run times, hotkeys, automation and links for your highlight buttons.


Use your created schemes to highlight your uploaded movies.


All the tools you need for in depth performance analysis in one place, composed by you.


A drag and drop reporting solution to create in-depth reports based on the timelines of your projects.

Share to MyTPE

Your analysis is just one click away from share it with your MyTPE account.

External sharing

Work together on an analysis by simply sharing your project with other MyTPA users.

Internal sharing and permissions

Set up MyTPA as a platform to use it as one team with different user roles and permissions.


Never miss a new project or highlighted schemes by personal notifications and e-mail updates.

Usage logs

Know exactly who worked on each analysis by logging all the activities that have been done.


Involve team members with a read-only version of your projects.


Your information is secured online. Check MyTPA Security here.

Browser support

MyTPA is tested on a variety of browsers. Check the overview here.

Smartphone support

The MyTPA analyser does not work on small smartphone screens. All of the other pages (including playlists) can be accessed.

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Improving your high performing team by giving coaches, trainers and players detailed and visual performance insights.

We introduce the performance analysis application MyVideoAnalyser. Now create your perfect analysis environment on your own Mac and make use of all the analysing features easily and offline.

MyVideoAnalyser combines the simplicity of the performance analysis tool MyTPA and the power of macOS for unique user-friendly analysis. The improved workflow and the intelligence of advanced techniques enable you to analyse your video via this offline tool.

Start your analysis by creating your personal highlight schemes or by importing your data from third party analysis tools. MyVideoAnalyser gives you many analysing possibilities to gain a wide scope of insights. The combination of the timeline and your captured video makes your analysis helpful to improve your team. By adding this analysed data into your player tracking system MyTPE you easily share the data with teams, players and coaches. They will always have access to their own video that supports their growing performance.

Or use the MyVA Remote app to work from any iOS device.

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MyVideoAnalyser website

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