MyTP Features

Global features

These are the features all users of MyTP get. They are the core of our system.

Build your own structure

Manage users

Customisable security

Receive notifications on
all your devices

Securely communicate with
your members

Upload and manage files

All videos are converted
for HLS streaming

Available in multiple

Free iOS and Android app

Exchange module features

These are the features you get when using the Exchange module. The exchange module has all features for managing and keeping track of your members in any way possible.


Print schedules

Attendance manager

Keep track of statistical data

Keep portfolios on all members

Keep track of personal achievements

Design and use questionnaires

Create user based reports

Store visited accommodations

Analyser module features

These are the features you get when using the Analyser module. The analyser module allows you to use MyTP as an online video analysis tool.

Online web based analyser

Manage project

Create highlightschemes

Create playlists

Share with other users

Fully compatible with MyVA

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